Thursday, 24 November 2011

ELF cream eyeliners review -Metallic Olive, Golden and Teal Tease

Elf recently had a fan 40% off sale and i picked up some new items along with some of my regular favourites. This post will be my review of the cream eye liners they have in their Studio range.
I bought Metallic Olive and 2 of their new shades Golden and Teal Tease.
Review after jump -

First off these cream eye liners come in sturdy plastic pots and there 47grams of product in each pot. I have found plastic pots are not great for cream eye liners as the product does tend to dry out faster than in glass  My white from their range is solid and dried out completely. But the gunmetal shade i have is fine. The white i did noticed felt drier to apply to begin with so that may be the reason it dried out faster.
Anyway, onto colour reviews-

Metallic Olive - Looks brown in the pot, but when applied the green comes through more. It appears on the skin as a golden green brown shade (The colour Marilyn Monroe actually used for her eyeliner, fact fans!)
It goes on smoothly and doesnt need any layering to be opaque. This is a great shade for me as the hint of green works well with my eye colour as a soft focus colour instead of black.

Golden - looks almost Chartreuse in the pot but when applied its a really metallic gold shade but with a very faint green tint if applied broadly. As you see i found it works great as a inner corner highlight. Would look amazing in party eye makeups. Also opaque without much need for layering.

Teal Tease. This is a gorgeous shade, it really is. It isn't what i called teal, More a metallic turquoise. The problem it has is its got golden glitter in it which makes it slightly more difficult to apply smoothly. It isnt as opaque as the other two and would need a few layers to build up to a true opaque line of colour.

Longevity on all 3 shades is good though, though they are not as long lasting as the Essence gel eyeliners i adore so much.

I did a quick look with these the day i got them. the shimmery shadows i'm wearing in these photos were all from the Sleek Storm Palette over TSFI.
Photos were taken under led bulb light as its just horrible natural light here, so the photos have been altered to show you the true colour of the liners.

As you can see the Teal colour is a bit patchy where as the Golden and the Olive are solid. This quick look was done with the brushes included with each pot. The handles are far too small, but one of the brush ends was loose and fitted perfectly onto of an old brush handle i had. The actual brush head isn't bad for applying liner although i prefer a bent angle liner brush.

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