Monday, 21 November 2011

Game LOTD - Mass Effect

I'd forgotten i'd done this, i think because i still feel i could do better for my favourite game series!
I wanted to base this eye look on an iconic image that runs through the games, that of the Mass Relays, huge alien devices that allow travel through the galaxy. Blue is a colour that runs through the game too as it is the colour of  one of the main alien races in the game the Asari and also is the colour of Biotic powers, created by a Mass Effect (hence the game name). i used this image as a reference point -
It instantly reminded me of an eye, so that's what i went with -

I cant remember specifically what i used but i know i used Sleek, Venomous Cosmetics and Yaby pearlpaints for this.
Contact lenses btw are  Lestat style lenses. ( On a side note, I use them for my Selene, Underworld costume as any lenses that go by that film name look nothing like what is worn in the film, where are the lenses here look like Selenes but nothing like Lestats!)

I also did a quick look based on one of the character's distinctive makeups. Kasumi Goto has very cool lip markings

The nude shimmer was a Nyx lip pencil in Nude Beige and the purple was Otherworldy by Morgana Cryptoria.

The two looks didnt work well together , thats why there is no full face!


Cydonian said...

Oh my GOD this is so cool! I love Mass Effect!

Sakara said...

Cydonian, thanks! I am crazy about Mass Effect, so i may come back to the series for inspiration..maybe a series based on the makeups the female characters have like Kasumi, Jack, Miranda,etc (cant really do a Shepard look as there isnt just one!)

Alicia said...

Woah, super cool! I don't play Mass Effect, but my bf does. I'm going to show him your post ASAP. :)

Sakara said...

Alicia! thankyou! I also did other game base makeups. Should be able to see them if you click on the Game LOTD tab

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

SWEET! The eye makeup looks fabulous with the contacts.