Tuesday, 27 December 2011

MUA pro palettes - Glamour Days, Glamour Nights and Poptastic

I had Poptastic for a while but noticed i'd not swatched and reviewed it, so when i bought the two new palettes Glamour Days and Glamour Nights i added Poptastic in too, because it is an awesome palette!
These retail at £4 a pop, which is excellent value and cheaper than the Sleek I Divine, which i feel they are emulating in design and layout.
Loads of photo after the cut!

First off - Poptastic.
This palette is full of bright rich shades with a few duochromes as well as creamy semi matts. I took these photos last and with the awful natural light at the moment, its been tricky getting accurate colours in the photos so i've taken these in both natural and artificial light to show them as best i can.
Artificial light shows the purples, greens and blues better but the natural light shows the yellows and pinks better

Top row - Berry purple shimmer with pink reflection, Semi matt light blue with cream reflection, pale bright yellow with white reflection,Duochrome purple with strong blue flash, deep warm metallic gold, icey shimmery blue.
Bottom row - apple green shimmer with fine glitter, duochrome pink with purple flash, light metallic turquoise, Candy pink shimmer, Azure blue shimmer with fine glitter, dark rich blue shimmer.

There are no bad colours in this set, they all rock! The quality is high, the glitter is fine and doesnt shed. A great palette if you want to try some brighter shades.

Glamour Days -

Top row - Cream shimmer, eggshell blue with light gold shimmer, metallic russet,pinky flesh matt, coffee matt, denim blue shimmer.
bottom row - royal purple shimmer, rose pink shimmer, metallic antique gold, dark brown matt, metallic light chocolate brown, butterscotch shimmer.

Another fantastic set, the matts are pigmented and creamy, no dud shades at all.

Glamour Nights -

Top row - Sheer white matt, blackened purple shimmer, very dark semi matt petrol teal, metallic silver, matt mink, Chocolate shimmer with fine glitter.
Bottom Row - Very dark matt expresso brown, warm gold shimmer, leaf green shimmer, matt bright purple, deep fuchsia shimmer with purple reflection, pale flesh pink shimmer (almost same colour as my skin!)

Another great palette, though the white is a bit too sheer, it can lighten the darker shades with layering and reduce some of the shimmer in the shimmery and metallic shades.

These palettes are winners for me, the packaging is thinner than Sleeks, so possibly flimsier, it looks a cheaper too, although none have broken on me. For £4 you cant go wrong with the formula of the shadows. MUA's matts are fantastic in general which is hard to find at that price. I'd recommend these - 9/10!
Also - MUA now have an online store that ships internationally! - http://www.muastore.co.uk/store

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Unknown said...

Whoa! Color overload, my brain is exploding with all those amazing pigments - I don't even know where to start first! I wish I was in the UK, I'd snatch those up so fast. Great review, thanks for sharing.

olgiepolgie said...

What intense pigmentation and they're so cheap! I'd be getting all of them too if I had access to them. So pretty. Can't wait to see you do some looks with these.

Sakara said...

I did the gold look previous to this post using the various gold and brown shades from both Glamour sets