Wednesday, 22 August 2012

GOSH Long Lasting waterproof liquid eyeliner review (plus two others for comparison)

Sorry not been posting, but for the past few months i seem to have lost my makeup mojo and nothing i've done i've felt worthy to post. So in order to not totally neglect this blog i've decided to do a review of my favourite liquid eyeliners.
GOSH long lasting liquid eyeliners are well, just brilliant. They are waterproof , not leaky eye proof (but ive yet to find one that totally is) opaque in colour and stays looking true to colour. I have all bar one shade, which is a metallic bronze brown, shade 003 i believe. The shades i do have in order are 
001 - Green - A deep forest green with green shimmer
002 - Turquoise - A bright metallic turquoise that i swear has a duochrome ability as its sometimes shines with a blue/purple reflection
004- Grey - Gunmetal with silver sparkle
005- Purple - dark metallic warm purple
006- Black Brass - a soft black base with lots of brass, gold and copper sparkle
007- Navy Blue - opaque dark navy blue
008 Carbon Black - Ultra opaque pure black.
 For this review i will also include my two other liquid liners - Urban Decay 24/7 in shade Retrogade and Illamasqua's Precision Ink in Scribe.
How do the GOSH liners compare to the Urban Decay and Illamasqua , as they are very alike in packaging and feel? Well the GOSH liners have a felt nib, where as the Urban Decay has a brush nib, where the hairs can splay and this is not a good thing when trying to get a fine line. Illamasqua's liner has a long fine nib which is the same as GOSH's nib.
All 2 types need to be given a good shake before opening to mix the pigment with the liquid its suspended in. They all have a little ball inside that helps mix them.
The colours of the GOSH liners tend to be more subdued, except for the Turquoise which is a perfect match to Urban Decay's turquoise shade - Siren. U.D.s Retrogade though, is a unique shade, a really sparkly royal purple which has no match in the GOSH range.
What the GOSH colours do have is intensity, each shade is either a perfect opaque cream shade or a dazzling metallic with sparkle. 
Comparing to the Illamsqua is tricky as i bought Illamasqua's Scribe because of it's uniqueness of a long lasting white liner. For opaqueness they are the same and they come off in the same way( they all roll up into little bits rather than thin out and smear with normal liquid liners) One thing though. Scribe dries down quite matt, where as GOSH's Carbon Black and Navy both dry to a sheen finish.

and now for some swatches so you can see the yummy colours
Turquoise is my favourite colour from the GOSH liners as well, its just gorgeous! But i love all the colours as some of the not so in your face colours give a slight change from the usual black, giving just a hint of colour instead. If Urban Decay's liner had a nib instead of brush, i'd think better of it, but that brush is awful. Illamasqua has a felt nib and works beautifully and is a very opaque white. The GOSH liners win because they are the cheapest of the 3 brands and behave in the same way as the more expensive brands!

Friday, 6 July 2012

HOT OFF THE PRESS _ Urban Decay decide to NOT sell in China!

This is great news and I'm glad for what ever reason made them change their minds (probably partly due to a shed load of their customers writing to them telling them they would never buy from them again, might have had some impact).
Urban Decay have decided it is not the time to sell their products in China because of their laws on animal testing, it conflicted too much with Urban Decays policies.
This is their official statement -,default,pg.html

Good decency has seen over profit. well done Urban Decay (not sure about Two Faced if they are owned by Urban Decay or not..cant find anything on their website).

Monday, 2 July 2012

LOTD Lux purple matt eye look (inspired by Aria T'Loak from Mass Effect)

After buying my new Barry M pencils and Sleek Ultra matt palettes i had to try them both together to see how they would work. By laying on a strong shimmery base a matt shadow can have an almost velvet look.
The look i've chosen is inspired by a character from my favourite computer game series - Mass Effect. The character is Aria T'Loak , the unofficial queen of Omega, a former mining facility and now the place for those wishing to hide from the law. She is sexy but dangerous and i wanted to give my look a dark look. Even though Aria is blue skinned, like most Asari, she has a purple toned blue skin and it often looks more purple due to the lighting in her environment.

Click below for more pics

Barry M's new pencils

Barry M has come out with 2 new pencils that i immediately knew i'd need. The Eyeshadow Pencil and Bold Waterproof Eyeliner pencils. Oh Barry M, how i love you! These are my new favourite pencils to use and thank goodness for them coming out now that i wont be buying any more Urban Decay pencils. These are on a par , if not even better than UD's  pencils in quality and texture. Both pencils cost £3.99 each, but Barry M often do offers that's how i got all mine!
I have at the moment 3 eyeshadow pencils and 3 Bold eyeliners
Eyeshadow pencils - Gunmetal 04, Midnight Blue 06 and Purple 07
Bold Eyeliners - Black, Silver and Purple.

The eyeshadow pencils are intense, creamy pencils with the shades being metallic and shimmery. They all go on easily either direct from the pencil or via a brush (i prefer a brush, so i've 'decanted' the pencil waxes into little pots) I like to use these as a base for eyeshadows as they make shimmery shadows stand out and make matt shadows appear more luxe, like velvet. I hope Barry M bring out more colours as so far there is also a green , brown , copper and a white gold pencil. I'd love to see more primary shades and a pure black and white in the same formula.

The Bold eyeliners are just gorgeous, The black is black hole black, no light escapes from the dark depths! The silver is pure molten silver and the purple is a wonderful glittery royal purple, the glitter being microfine and also purple. The texture is gel like and they set quite fast. These can also be used a a base or on their own. Barry M also do a glittery green, Blue and metallic gold and copper colours.

Now for more swatches to show off their lovelyness!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Sleek I Divine Ultra palettes...MATT WIN!!!

Sleek have come out with not one, but too excellent I Divine palettes. Both called Ultra Mattes, these are pretty much a win for Sleek ( previous all matt palettes haven't been at all good) The two palettes come in Brights and Darks.
Usual packaging of cardboard box over with black case. shadows are protected by clear plastic with shadow's names printed on that. Each palette comes with a double ended foam applicator.

These mattes are intense, pigmented and go on beautifully, bar the white shade..which isn't as pigmented.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

A sad day for animals and one very ANGRY consumer- edited to add happy news update on UD!

This news has come to my attention. Leaping Bunny ( The coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics) has announced it is removing Urban Decay, Two Faced and Hard Candy off its list as these companies have decided to put profit ahead of compassion and sell their products in China.
(China's laws mean that products sold their MUST be tested in animals --oddly not products made there and shipped abroad though!)

SO yes i will be removing those 3 brands and any others i find doing the same and i certainly wont be promoting their products on my blog.( I have quite a few of their products but will not name them here in future posts)

Sad day indeed.

EDIT_ This in from Hard Candy -  - URGENT!!! We do not, have not and will NEVER test on animals! Leaping Bunny is incorrect - Hard Candy is NOT owned by Urban Decay. Hard Candy has ZERO affiliation with Urban Decay. We will be contacting Leaping Bunny immediately to retract this harmful and damaging statement. Again, Hard Candy does not test on animals. EVER!!!

So Hard Candy IS ok.....this is good to know, although its a hard brand to find in the UK, wish it was easier to get hold of here.

EDIT 2!!! - Urban Decay have decided not to sell to China!!! Read more in my new post -,default,pg.html

Friday, 1 June 2012

Tick Tock Showcase - Beach theme

The third and final show case post for Tick Tock cosmetics.

The theme was Beach, And i always think of deep blue seas and golden sands.
I decided to do three looks using the same 4 colours to show how versatile they can be.
I used Frozen In Time, Big Ben, High Noon and Time Turner in all 3 looks.

Click to enlarge any image
First i used a black base(Tick Tock's Black Hole is good for this), i call this look - Midnight beach party
Big Ben used all over lid with Frozen in time on the inner corner and lightly brushed under brow arch. High Noon on lower lid near inner corner and Time Turner under eye and winged out. On the Lips is Marks and Spencers Pale Blush lipstick with Illamasqua's Sheer gloss in Provoke on top.

Second look is called 'Beach party' as this time i used a white base(Tick Tock's Milky Way or Nyx's Milk Jumbo Pencil are good). See how different the colours behave on different bases! (Also new hair lol)
Same placement of shadows. Lips this time are just Illamasqua Sheer gloss - Provoke.

Third and final look called Seashore and swapped the placement of the colours with Big Ben and Frozen in Time on the lower lid. Also used a white base in this to help the dustier High Noon stick.
To mix it up a beat i used a dark matt blue for the eyebrow mixed with a charcoal grey, which matches my blue black hair (doesnt really show on photos). Lips this time were Inglot AMC creme in 51.

All other makeup -Other makeup used in all 3 looks - Innisfree Trouble Care bb cream (great for cool toned pale skin in summer), NYX HD Photogenic Concealer in shade 2. NYX blusher in Taupe. Illamasqua Eerie fine pencil and Famous Matt shadow shade 4 on eyebrows (except look 3 where i used the new Sleek I Divine palette in Ultra Mattes Darks - shades Ink and Thunder). Essence Gel eyeliner in Black and GOSH Waterproof mascara (except in look 2 where i used GOSH extreme Art liners in shades Deep Sea and Black). Meow Minerals Glow Powder in Quartz and Their Flawless formula foundation in shade Himalayan.  Finally Aldi under eye concealer.

Tick Tock Showcase - 2 - Spring Time

The second of my Tick Tock showcase posts - This one featuring the 3 looks i did under the theme Spring Time.
First is 'Spring Rain'
I used Methusela and Clepsydra on the eyes, swapping their placement between the upper and lower lid. Simple but effective. Also added a little Frozen Time in the inner corner. Lipstick is Morgana Minerals in Otherworldly
(click images to enlarge)

Second look is called 'Petals'
I used Once Upon a Time and Midsummer Night. I also used The lipgloss - Friday I'm In Love.

Third look is inspired by Spring bunnies!
I used I <3 U 4EVA and Time Turner plus a mix of Friday I'm In Love and First Kiss lipglosses.

Other makeup used in all three looks - Missha Signature Real Complete bb cream in shade 13, NYX HD Photogenic Concealer in shade 2. NYX blusher in Taupe. Illamasqua Eerie fine pencil and Famous Matt shadow shade 4 on eyebrows. Essence Gel eyeliner in Black and GOSH Waterproof mascara. Meow Minerals Glow Powder in Quartz and Their Sleek formula in shade Himalayan 1. Finally Aldi under eye concealer.

Tick Tock Showcase part 1

First off, Hello again, sorry ive been awol the past month or so, other priorities i'm afraid. Now i'm back and this is all about Tick Tock cosmetics. I was chosen as one of their models and for the past few months have done some looks based on what themes they asked for. Sadly due to my other commitments i've had to leave as a model, but here is what i did for them.
Click Below for pics -

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Never Too Much Sparkle's challenge - Full On Goth!

The Facebook groups Never Too Much Sparkle latest challenge was Full On Goth.
Well i couldn't not do this lol, though i will say i tried 3 looks before settling on this one. I had to pick a goth look to start as there are quite a few different ones. See this link for examples of many -
Now i a mix of many types - bit of perky, bit cyber, bit industrial, bit corp (love pinstripe) bit Victorian, a smidgen of vampire all wrapped up in a geek goth lol.
But today i choose cyber industrial which is basically mostly black with touches of bright colour.

See below cut for more!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

never too much Sparkle 'VALENTINE'S GALORE- PRO OR ANTI-VALENTINES' makeup challenge

Another Never too Much Sparkle's challenge. I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's day as i find it a far too commercialised holiday where people who are in a relationship feel obligated to buy things for their loved one.  I dont have an issue with shows of affection i just cant stand the fact that say a dozen roses triples in price a week before the 14th. (oh and dont get me started on roses that have no scent. So many so called high quality roses that look pretty have no scent. Terrible.)
Luckily my partner feels the same!

So i decided to do a very strong look using pink, which isnt a favourite colour of mine. I wanted it to be dark, sexy, gothic and a little edgy. Not soft or romantic  So you could say this is an anti Valentines look!

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

News! - I'm a Ticktock model! / Avon forced to retract cruelty free statement

Firstly i'm honoured to announce i have been made a spokes model for Tick Tock Cosmetics. I shall be exploring their collections and doing some specific looks with their products. Any LOTD with their specific products, will be categorised as such. They have a great range of products, worth checking out if i do say so myself hehe

In other news and this is fantastic news - AVON have been forced to retract their 'cruelty free' statement as many knew it was a total lie and now its been revoked. They use toxicity tests for new chemicals as they obviously prefer profits over torture it seems.
Uncaged took their statements to the Advertising standards Authority and AVON were forced to withdraw their fraudulent statement. This is good news as many people have been using AVON thinking they were being kind to animals.  If you care, please pass this info along!

Now lets see other companies do the same - I'm looking at you Estee Lauder, Revlon et al.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

never too much Sparkle 'Black and White' makeup challenge

This challenge finished on the 25th, but looking after a sick boyfriend meant ive only just had chance to sit down and type this out!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Green With Envy Makeup challenge

Another from Never Too Much Sparkle Facebook group, this time called Green With Envy. I had thought about doing a look that made my already green eyes stand out as i know my eye colour is the rarest and people often comment on my eye colour..but i didn't know if people would get it.
So i went with some of my the green shadows i have been envious of until i owned them.
I used Fyrinnae's Arcane Magics - Dragon Magic and Electric Stardust and also from Aromaleigh's petal set - Sweetpea.
I Used Morgana Cryptoria's new eyeprimer - Socket to Me and its fantastic especially for loose shadows.

Electric stardust all over the lid, Dragonmagic applied in crease and blended outwards aswell as put underneath the eye. Sweetpea applied in inner corner and dusted over my usual Illamasqua Succumb shadow,especially in the arch of the brow. Essence Black Gel liner on upper lid with a little Dragonmagic pressed on top. It was so hard to capture how sparkly these shadows were!

On my lips i wore a 'Ultra Pigmented Lip Gloss' called Conundrum by Sweetpea & Fae which is way more than a gloss, i feel it is closer to a liquid lipstick as its very creamy and pigmented and stays on the lips far longer than a normal gloss would. I have 2 of these glosses and plan to buy more as they really are that good.

I even went all out and did my nails too, using H&M's Envy Me polish then i put a clear coat over that and dusted various green glitters on top. Glitters from ebay.

Hope you guys like this! :D

Monday, 2 January 2012

Superdrug Sales Bargains!

Superdug's sale has alot of their own brand Xmas makeup palettes and gifts in it, to which i picked up some eyeshadow palettes and a vanity bag i'd been eyeing up before. I got a Colourworks 18 pan eyeshadow palette,  and a Studio vanity case.(I've also included here the 3 Flutter eyeshadow sets that i bought in their 3 for 2 offer which are also in the sales now)

reviews and swatches after the cut!