Tuesday, 31 January 2012

News! - I'm a Ticktock model! / Avon forced to retract cruelty free statement

Firstly i'm honoured to announce i have been made a spokes model for Tick Tock Cosmetics. I shall be exploring their collections and doing some specific looks with their products. Any LOTD with their specific products, will be categorised as such. They have a great range of products, worth checking out if i do say so myself hehe

In other news and this is fantastic news - AVON have been forced to retract their 'cruelty free' statement as many knew it was a total lie and now its been revoked. They use toxicity tests for new chemicals as they obviously prefer profits over torture it seems.
Uncaged took their statements to the Advertising standards Authority and AVON were forced to withdraw their fraudulent statement. This is good news as many people have been using AVON thinking they were being kind to animals.  If you care, please pass this info along!

Now lets see other companies do the same - I'm looking at you Estee Lauder, Revlon et al.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

never too much Sparkle 'Black and White' makeup challenge

This challenge finished on the 25th, but looking after a sick boyfriend meant ive only just had chance to sit down and type this out!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Green With Envy Makeup challenge

Another from Never Too Much Sparkle Facebook group, this time called Green With Envy. I had thought about doing a look that made my already green eyes stand out as i know my eye colour is the rarest and people often comment on my eye colour..but i didn't know if people would get it.
So i went with some of my the green shadows i have been envious of until i owned them.
I used Fyrinnae's Arcane Magics - Dragon Magic and Electric Stardust and also from Aromaleigh's petal set - Sweetpea.
I Used Morgana Cryptoria's new eyeprimer - Socket to Me and its fantastic especially for loose shadows.

Electric stardust all over the lid, Dragonmagic applied in crease and blended outwards aswell as put underneath the eye. Sweetpea applied in inner corner and dusted over my usual Illamasqua Succumb shadow,especially in the arch of the brow. Essence Black Gel liner on upper lid with a little Dragonmagic pressed on top. It was so hard to capture how sparkly these shadows were!

On my lips i wore a 'Ultra Pigmented Lip Gloss' called Conundrum by Sweetpea & Fae which is way more than a gloss, i feel it is closer to a liquid lipstick as its very creamy and pigmented and stays on the lips far longer than a normal gloss would. I have 2 of these glosses and plan to buy more as they really are that good.

I even went all out and did my nails too, using H&M's Envy Me polish then i put a clear coat over that and dusted various green glitters on top. Glitters from ebay.

Hope you guys like this! :D

Monday, 2 January 2012

Superdrug Sales Bargains!

Superdug's sale has alot of their own brand Xmas makeup palettes and gifts in it, to which i picked up some eyeshadow palettes and a vanity bag i'd been eyeing up before. I got a Colourworks 18 pan eyeshadow palette,  and a Studio vanity case.(I've also included here the 3 Flutter eyeshadow sets that i bought in their 3 for 2 offer which are also in the sales now)

reviews and swatches after the cut!