Tuesday, 31 January 2012

News! - I'm a Ticktock model! / Avon forced to retract cruelty free statement

Firstly i'm honoured to announce i have been made a spokes model for Tick Tock Cosmetics. I shall be exploring their collections and doing some specific looks with their products. Any LOTD with their specific products, will be categorised as such. They have a great range of products, worth checking out if i do say so myself hehe

In other news and this is fantastic news - AVON have been forced to retract their 'cruelty free' statement as many knew it was a total lie and now its been revoked. They use toxicity tests for new chemicals as they obviously prefer profits over torture it seems.
Uncaged took their statements to the Advertising standards Authority and AVON were forced to withdraw their fraudulent statement. This is good news as many people have been using AVON thinking they were being kind to animals.  If you care, please pass this info along!

Now lets see other companies do the same - I'm looking at you Estee Lauder, Revlon et al.


Powdered Almond said...

Thanks for this, I didn't know about Avon. Will avoid in future.

Sakara said...

Powdered Almond - they've always been on my blacklist (on the main post) along with other companies known to lie.
Just glad its now public knowledge regarding AVON

olgiepolgie said...

Congratulations on the Tick Tock gig! I've only heard about them a little while ago and know next to nothing. Looking forward to finding out more about them and seeing some awesome looks!

Nanethiel said...

Congrats on the Tick tock deal :D
and it's nice to hear they were made to tell the truth... I didn't know about Revlon =/

Sakara said...

Nanethiel. Check out my post thats at the top of my blog - companies that do and dont test on animals. Revlon aswell as others are listed there.

and thanks for the congrats! :D

Sakara said...

olgiepolgie -Thanks! Looking forward to using their makeup!