Monday, 2 January 2012

Superdrug Sales Bargains!

Superdug's sale has alot of their own brand Xmas makeup palettes and gifts in it, to which i picked up some eyeshadow palettes and a vanity bag i'd been eyeing up before. I got a Colourworks 18 pan eyeshadow palette,  and a Studio vanity case.(I've also included here the 3 Flutter eyeshadow sets that i bought in their 3 for 2 offer which are also in the sales now)

reviews and swatches after the cut!

Colourworks 18 pan eyeshadow palette. - £4.99
The palette is about the size of a 6X4 photo with each pan slightly smaller than a MAC pan.
This is a set of jewel toned colours that are creamy, sparkly and very pigmented. The very sparkly shadows need careful application (much like Urban Decays Midnight Cowboy shadow) but they are creamy so pat on to primer well. There are no duds in this set.
Top row - light brown high shimmer, lilac high shimmer, Petrol Blue shimmer, violet shimmer with blue duochrome, cream high shimmer, silver shimmer.
Middle row - Turquoise shimmer, sparkly mustard, white shimmer, flesh pink shimmer, sparkly dark chocolate, black shimmer.
Bottom row - emerald green shimmer, navy blue shimmer, sparkly chartreuse green, gunmetal shimmer, sparkly orange bronze, fuchsia shimmer with purple duochrome.

Studio Vanity case -
A lovely sleek, sturdy case that easily holds the above palette. The main compartment has two little pockets inside on the front and back. The case is lined in a deep rich red.
What is really good and the main reason i wanted this case. There is a thin top zipped section which i always fine is good to hold pencils or sample baggies. There is a fold down mirror that is also very useful.

Flutter eyeshadow palettes.
( i bought these in a 3 for 2 offer, so not sure what they are in the sale but full price was 2.99)
the palettes are cardboard with magnetic closures. I plan to remove all the pans and put them into an empty paletteAmelie, Celine and Fleur are the names of the palettes. All shimmer colours, all nicely pigmented, soft colours.

Amelie - cream, brass, copper, dusky rose, dark chocolate
Celine - off white, warm grey , black shimmer with silver glitter, RAF blue,plum
Fleur - warm grey, cool pink, pinky brown, pale light grey, light aqua
These are all much softer gentler shades than the colourworks palette and work well to make smokey eyes aswell as natural eyes with strong lips.


Anonymous said...

wow love those colours and love your blog too , happy new year

Sakara said...

Thankyou!!!!! happy new year to you too!

Mim said...

I love the Celine palette, colours look amazing! Found your blog not so long ago, new follower :) Hope you had a good Xmas/New Year x

Sakara said...

Hi Mim, thanks for stopping by!

olgiepolgie said...

Oh wow. That's impressive pigmentation! Definitely no duds there. What a find.

Sakara said...

Yeah Superdrug's own brand makeup is very good . Their fulltime range M.U.A. is brilliant so i thought their xmas stuff would be as good.

EyeGraffiti said...

nothing beats walking around in Superdrug and making haul after haul!!! my favorite is collection 2000 with their fabulous glitter eyeliners! gosh they are to die for!
so congrats for finding that palette! goes well in the purse and makes all kinds of look!

Sakara said...

Eyegraffiti - yeah Superdrug is my go-to place. I do like Collection 2000 glitter liners, but recently fell in love with BarryM's ones. They great too!

Alicia said...

Oh wow, these swatches are making me wish there was a Superdrug where I live!I love the shades in the Colourworks palette - that hot pink is amaaazing. *_*

Sakara said...

Awe, Superdrug doesn't do international sales on their website, guess with currency echange it would cost too much in the end lol
Glad you like the swatches!