Tuesday, 7 February 2012

never too much Sparkle 'VALENTINE'S GALORE- PRO OR ANTI-VALENTINES' makeup challenge

Another Never too Much Sparkle's challenge. I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's day as i find it a far too commercialised holiday where people who are in a relationship feel obligated to buy things for their loved one.  I dont have an issue with shows of affection i just cant stand the fact that say a dozen roses triples in price a week before the 14th. (oh and dont get me started on roses that have no scent. So many so called high quality roses that look pretty have no scent. Terrible.)
Luckily my partner feels the same!

So i decided to do a very strong look using pink, which isnt a favourite colour of mine. I wanted it to be dark, sexy, gothic and a little edgy. Not soft or romantic  So you could say this is an anti Valentines look!