Thursday, 7 June 2012

A sad day for animals and one very ANGRY consumer- edited to add happy news update on UD!

This news has come to my attention. Leaping Bunny ( The coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics) has announced it is removing Urban Decay, Two Faced and Hard Candy off its list as these companies have decided to put profit ahead of compassion and sell their products in China.
(China's laws mean that products sold their MUST be tested in animals --oddly not products made there and shipped abroad though!)

SO yes i will be removing those 3 brands and any others i find doing the same and i certainly wont be promoting their products on my blog.( I have quite a few of their products but will not name them here in future posts)

Sad day indeed.

EDIT_ This in from Hard Candy -  - URGENT!!! We do not, have not and will NEVER test on animals! Leaping Bunny is incorrect - Hard Candy is NOT owned by Urban Decay. Hard Candy has ZERO affiliation with Urban Decay. We will be contacting Leaping Bunny immediately to retract this harmful and damaging statement. Again, Hard Candy does not test on animals. EVER!!!

So Hard Candy IS ok.....this is good to know, although its a hard brand to find in the UK, wish it was easier to get hold of here.

EDIT 2!!! - Urban Decay have decided not to sell to China!!! Read more in my new post -,default,pg.html


Anonymous said...

Only UD is in that statement?

As I understand from the Hard Candy FB page, they have no plans at all to go to China.

Do you have more info about Too Faced?

Thanks in advance!


Sakara said...

Other than PETA's taken them off their list, i'll trak down where i saw it.

Noire said...

I think Hard Candy is okay as they are not owned by UD -

Sakara said...

As soon as i hear anything i'll let you know. If a animal rights group have removed them from their list (how bet unlikable PETA is) its a sign that Hard Candy are not good.

Anonymous said...

Confirming: Urban Decay is off the lists; for further information, see their own statement:
Interestingly, that currently just reads (for the operative part) "Urban Decay is planning to sell our products in China."
For the statement as it appeared a week ago, see here

Hard Candy and Too Faced are both still on PETA's "don't test" list, last updated today:

Hard Candy and Too Faced (as well as Urban Dceay) aren't on the CCIC / Leaping Bunny lists + fixed cut-off date policy campaign, ex. c/o founders, the BUAV (=British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection):

Hope that all helps...

Sakara said...

Thanks, that does help :D

Anonymous said...

oops, sorry, prattfall on that PETA links. Here's the right one: