Thursday, 21 June 2012

Sleek I Divine Ultra palettes...MATT WIN!!!

Sleek have come out with not one, but too excellent I Divine palettes. Both called Ultra Mattes, these are pretty much a win for Sleek ( previous all matt palettes haven't been at all good) The two palettes come in Brights and Darks.
Usual packaging of cardboard box over with black case. shadows are protected by clear plastic with shadow's names printed on that. Each palette comes with a double ended foam applicator.

These mattes are intense, pigmented and go on beautifully, bar the white shade..which isn't as pigmented.

As with all new I Divine palettes, Sleek have given the colours names, which makes describing the palette alot easier (aswell as future lotds).

Darks -
Orbit - deep teal /Ink - royal blue / Highness - indigo purple / Noir - black / Dune - sand / Pillow Talk - white
Thunder - mid warm  grey / Maple - brick red brown / Flesh - tan / Paper Bag - chocolate brown / Villian - violet purple / Fern- dark green
Each colour is buttery smooth and goes on really well. The only shade that's slightly less pigmented is the white Pillow Talk, its also slightly chalky.

Brights -
Chill - icy blue / Pout - fuchsia pink / Sugarlite - bright true purple / Dragonfly - bright peacock green / Pucker - fuchsia pink / Bamm! - lemon yellow
Cricket - grass green / Bolt - sky blue / Strike - orange / Floss - pastel pink / Crete - pale cool grey / Pow! - off white.

Again very intense, buttery colours that go on really easily apart from Pow! which isnt as pigmented and slightly chalky. There are two other issues - These shades can stain if not worn over a base and also Pucker and Pout are the same pink! I tried these two pinks under different bases to see if i could spot a difference and no, they are both fuchsia pink, same tones, same depth. Would have been better to have had a bright red instead.

Pros - Cheap matte shadows with variety of colours. Good payoff and mostly pigmented.
Cons - White shades are chalky and less pigmented. Two pink shades the same

These palettes are priced at £7.00 each and from what i can tell on the website are on the permanent range.


Lady Bethezda @ Bethezdas Preoccupations said...

so pretty! I love matte eyeshadows.

olgiepolgie said...

These are gorgeous! I think I need both. Here's hoping I can find them when I finally go to London in a few days!

Jessie said...

I used to absolutely hate matte shadows but over the last year or so I've fallen in love! I have the darks palette but have yet to use it....... now I think I want the brights version too!

Sakara said...

Jessie, i was the same, mainly because i hadn't found any good quality ones and couldn't afford to spend alot of money on brands like Illamasqua for their good ones when i found there (have their white and a flesh tone one only) But these, these are brilliant and i've been experimenting with layering them on top of a shimmery base. A look i'll post soon!

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Too bad we don't have Sleek in Canada, these look AWESOME.