Friday, 1 June 2012

Tick Tock Showcase - 2 - Spring Time

The second of my Tick Tock showcase posts - This one featuring the 3 looks i did under the theme Spring Time.
First is 'Spring Rain'
I used Methusela and Clepsydra on the eyes, swapping their placement between the upper and lower lid. Simple but effective. Also added a little Frozen Time in the inner corner. Lipstick is Morgana Minerals in Otherworldly
(click images to enlarge)

Second look is called 'Petals'
I used Once Upon a Time and Midsummer Night. I also used The lipgloss - Friday I'm In Love.

Third look is inspired by Spring bunnies!
I used I <3 U 4EVA and Time Turner plus a mix of Friday I'm In Love and First Kiss lipglosses.

Other makeup used in all three looks - Missha Signature Real Complete bb cream in shade 13, NYX HD Photogenic Concealer in shade 2. NYX blusher in Taupe. Illamasqua Eerie fine pencil and Famous Matt shadow shade 4 on eyebrows. Essence Gel eyeliner in Black and GOSH Waterproof mascara. Meow Minerals Glow Powder in Quartz and Their Sleek formula in shade Himalayan 1. Finally Aldi under eye concealer.


olgiepolgie said...

They're all so gorgeous and shimmery. I love all of these looks.

Mandy said...

'Petals' is my favorite of the three looks! :-)

Sakara said...

I know Once Upon a Time is such a gorgeous colour!

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Great looks, I love Otherworldly! Petal came out gorgeous, the overall look is really pretty.