Friday, 1 June 2012

Tick Tock Showcase part 1

First off, Hello again, sorry ive been awol the past month or so, other priorities i'm afraid. Now i'm back and this is all about Tick Tock cosmetics. I was chosen as one of their models and for the past few months have done some looks based on what themes they asked for. Sadly due to my other commitments i've had to leave as a model, but here is what i did for them.
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First off is swatches of all the colours i got. I did each colour on from left to right - white base, neutral primer and black base.

Time Turner - A deep Bronze shimmer.
High Noon -Peach with gold shimmer (bit dusty this one)
I <3 U 4eva - Amazing silver with green and purple flip tones
Showtime - Gorgeous aqua with multicolour sparks and slight lilac flip.
Clepsydra - Lilac to blue to aqua flip shimmer. Gorgeous!
Big Ben - teal blue shimmer
Frozen In Time - Icey aqua blue that flips lilac in certain lights.
Methusela - Silvery purple with multi colour sparks
Once Upon a Time - light purple with aqua reflection.
Salvador Dali - Deep shimmery purple
Midnight Madness - Plummy purple with coppery sparks.
Tick Tick Tick Boom! - Shimmery burgundy plum
Midsummer Night - Almost metallic pinky plum
Hugs and Kisses - Red with orange sparks
Lipgloss First Kiss - Same as Hugs and Kisses, red with orange sparks (sheer)
Lipgloss Friday I'm In Love - Candy pink with purple and aqua reflection

In all, they are some lovely colours, my favourites being Once Upon a Time, Frozen In Time, Tick Tick Tick Boom! and I <3 U 4eva.
My only fault with these are that some of the shadows are a bit dusty and work best on a strong white or black base, but this also brings out their gorgeous multi tones, so not so bad!
Lipglosses, well i adore Friday I'm In Love, but not such a fan of First Kiss, its too warm tone red for me. Now mix these two and you get a GORGEOUS rose pink. Both glosses have a slightly minty taste which isnt over powering.

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olgiepolgie said...

I'm drooling! Every single one of these colours is amazing. Good choice.