Friday, 6 July 2012

HOT OFF THE PRESS _ Urban Decay decide to NOT sell in China!

This is great news and I'm glad for what ever reason made them change their minds (probably partly due to a shed load of their customers writing to them telling them they would never buy from them again, might have had some impact).
Urban Decay have decided it is not the time to sell their products in China because of their laws on animal testing, it conflicted too much with Urban Decays policies.
This is their official statement -,default,pg.html

Good decency has seen over profit. well done Urban Decay (not sure about Two Faced if they are owned by Urban Decay or not..cant find anything on their website).

Monday, 2 July 2012

LOTD Lux purple matt eye look (inspired by Aria T'Loak from Mass Effect)

After buying my new Barry M pencils and Sleek Ultra matt palettes i had to try them both together to see how they would work. By laying on a strong shimmery base a matt shadow can have an almost velvet look.
The look i've chosen is inspired by a character from my favourite computer game series - Mass Effect. The character is Aria T'Loak , the unofficial queen of Omega, a former mining facility and now the place for those wishing to hide from the law. She is sexy but dangerous and i wanted to give my look a dark look. Even though Aria is blue skinned, like most Asari, she has a purple toned blue skin and it often looks more purple due to the lighting in her environment.

Click below for more pics

Barry M's new pencils

Barry M has come out with 2 new pencils that i immediately knew i'd need. The Eyeshadow Pencil and Bold Waterproof Eyeliner pencils. Oh Barry M, how i love you! These are my new favourite pencils to use and thank goodness for them coming out now that i wont be buying any more Urban Decay pencils. These are on a par , if not even better than UD's  pencils in quality and texture. Both pencils cost £3.99 each, but Barry M often do offers that's how i got all mine!
I have at the moment 3 eyeshadow pencils and 3 Bold eyeliners
Eyeshadow pencils - Gunmetal 04, Midnight Blue 06 and Purple 07
Bold Eyeliners - Black, Silver and Purple.

The eyeshadow pencils are intense, creamy pencils with the shades being metallic and shimmery. They all go on easily either direct from the pencil or via a brush (i prefer a brush, so i've 'decanted' the pencil waxes into little pots) I like to use these as a base for eyeshadows as they make shimmery shadows stand out and make matt shadows appear more luxe, like velvet. I hope Barry M bring out more colours as so far there is also a green , brown , copper and a white gold pencil. I'd love to see more primary shades and a pure black and white in the same formula.

The Bold eyeliners are just gorgeous, The black is black hole black, no light escapes from the dark depths! The silver is pure molten silver and the purple is a wonderful glittery royal purple, the glitter being microfine and also purple. The texture is gel like and they set quite fast. These can also be used a a base or on their own. Barry M also do a glittery green, Blue and metallic gold and copper colours.

Now for more swatches to show off their lovelyness!