Friday, 6 July 2012

HOT OFF THE PRESS _ Urban Decay decide to NOT sell in China!

This is great news and I'm glad for what ever reason made them change their minds (probably partly due to a shed load of their customers writing to them telling them they would never buy from them again, might have had some impact).
Urban Decay have decided it is not the time to sell their products in China because of their laws on animal testing, it conflicted too much with Urban Decays policies.
This is their official statement -,default,pg.html

Good decency has seen over profit. well done Urban Decay (not sure about Two Faced if they are owned by Urban Decay or not..cant find anything on their website).


Lady Bethezda @ Bethezdas Preoccupations said...


Anonymous said...

Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes (I fear UD [aka Danaos here] even when bringing gifts).
Altough it's fantastic news that UD changed their mind, in fact persuaded by a very likely loss of customers AND gain, I believe, I feel I can't put my trust in them again as in first place they did an opportunistic choice when they decided to expand to China, not caring at all about the animal testing required in that country, and in doing so so sharply contrasting with the very much remunerative and hyped company's false principles.
Also I think they just told their customers about their shady plans in the ridiculous flimsy attempt to save their face.
I do not know whether I will start buying UD's products again or not.
I think I'll wait and see what their marketing managers will be up to in the next months.
I think time only will tell us whether or not they have just postponed their original plan and will go back to their previous decision to expand to China when public opinion calms down and lets its guard down or, better, when the company's balance sheet will show very healthy figures so to inspire them to attempt a new moneygrubbing expansion to the Chinese market again.
UD has actually lost any credibility with their customers showing us the true self-interested and venal company's nature.

Sakara said...

Marilisa - i see where you are coming from and tend to agree.
I'd like to think they wanted to sell to China to try and work from the inside out to change the chinese views on Animal testing and realised this simply wouldn't work as it would go against their animal testing policies too much...i'd really like to believe this but the other side of me wonders if they just wanted to sell to China for more profits and realised they'd lose alot of western customers because of it.

As i cannot afford to buy UD regularly anyway, i will use what i have but be wary of new product launches until i feel i can truly trust them again.

Mind you they did recommit themselves to the Leaping Bunny scheme so that is a good sign in itself.

Anonymous said...

Sakara, the thing is that when I chose to purchase UD's products I also bought the UD's reputation and claim of being a '' politic brand'' fighting for animal rights and against gratuitous vivisection.

In fact printed on their products you can read 'We don't do animal testing.How could anyone?'

Now, I do think that UD's managers, careless of their idealistic customers, whose brains they boorishly underestimated, tried to deviously deceive them about the company's real intentions.

I believe UD wanted to expand to a rich and ever growing market just out of profit-making greediness which I now believe has always governed their falsely noble marketing choices one of which being their much flaunted ''cruelty free'' stance.

However, I am glad that for the moment they have gone back to their original''vocation'' and that some animals will be spared useless sufferings, but their brand reputation and reliability is completely shattered in my view and I don't know if they will be able to regain my trust in the future.


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