Monday, 2 July 2012

LOTD Lux purple matt eye look (inspired by Aria T'Loak from Mass Effect)

After buying my new Barry M pencils and Sleek Ultra matt palettes i had to try them both together to see how they would work. By laying on a strong shimmery base a matt shadow can have an almost velvet look.
The look i've chosen is inspired by a character from my favourite computer game series - Mass Effect. The character is Aria T'Loak , the unofficial queen of Omega, a former mining facility and now the place for those wishing to hide from the law. She is sexy but dangerous and i wanted to give my look a dark look. Even though Aria is blue skinned, like most Asari, she has a purple toned blue skin and it often looks more purple due to the lighting in her environment.

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I used Barry M's Purple eyeshadow pencil as a base over the lid and along underneath (aswell as applying ELF Mineral eyeshadow primer above the lid to the brow.) I then used purples from Sleek Ultra Matt Darks shadow palettes  -Highness and Villian -( suitable names for Aria! )also Ink and Pillow Talk.
Villian was applied all over the lid and under the outer corner lower lid. Ink was used in the corner of the upper lid and blended through. To create the lighter purple on the inner corner, i mixed Highness and Pillow Talk together.
Liner was a sparkly purple liquid liner, finished with black mascara.I also used Ink and Thunder blended together to shape the brows.

I also used Barry M's Bold eyeliner in silver along the waterline and flicked out at the corner alongside the purple eyeliner.

I used Morgana Cryptoria Otherworldly lipstick as it suited Aria's look too!
I love the effect the eyeshadow pencils have on matt eyeshadows, They give the colours such depth.  Of course the quality of Sleek's Ultra Matts also help in giving a lovely depth and colour.

Really liked using Mass Effect's wonderful characters as inspiration so look now im going to do looks inspired by -
Dr Liara T'soni - Shadow Boker.
Tali Zorah Vas Normandy,
Samara / Javik (similar colours)
Lieutenant Commander Ashley Williams and the Alliance.
Jack / Subject Zero
Legion/ EDI/ Grunt ( all very similar colours in these 3)
The Illusive Man
and of course Commander Shepard!


Luna said...

Very very pretty. =]

Liza said...

Ooh I love it, very nicely blended!

Mandy said...

The eyes are stunning, but I so love the lip color!

VampiressDoll said...

Wow I love this look and you look stunning! <3

Rach said...

lol you deleted me :P no worries I have done the same before!

Love the look, love ME3 (ending not so much) please do more of these!

Sakara said...

rache, So sorry bout that, hit the delete key as my mouse slipped and too late to stop it (they need an undo button lol)

Yes i agree the endings even with the extended cut they've done are not the best and what i wanted to see as the end to the brilliant game...I wrote this huge thing on my thoughts on the game..ALL THE THOUGHTS lol

Still I adore the game series, i just have a good imagination and can picture a much better ending in my head. (in the extended cut though i always chose Destroy option)

Kassie said...

Love the dark lips with the dark eyes!!

Sakara said...

Kassie, thankyou! Rules are meant to be broken, who says you cant wear dark lips with dark eyes! i love it! :D

Thankyou everyone for your lovely comments! <3

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Gorgeous! I especially enjoy the purple lips, Otherworldly is such an awesome colour!

olgiepolgie said...

Stunning! I was worried the eyeshadows in the Darks palette would be too dark to wear on their own, but you've proven me wrong.

Sakara said...

They are not for the faint hearted but i love them, in fact i use the dark palette more than the brights!

★nasli_ said...

Woowww! great makeup.

I love ur blog and photos! You have a really nice blog. And you are very pretty *.* I follow u *)))
Kisses x.Xx
I wish follow be back :))