Wednesday, 22 August 2012

GOSH Long Lasting waterproof liquid eyeliner review (plus two others for comparison)

Sorry not been posting, but for the past few months i seem to have lost my makeup mojo and nothing i've done i've felt worthy to post. So in order to not totally neglect this blog i've decided to do a review of my favourite liquid eyeliners.
GOSH long lasting liquid eyeliners are well, just brilliant. They are waterproof , not leaky eye proof (but ive yet to find one that totally is) opaque in colour and stays looking true to colour. I have all bar one shade, which is a metallic bronze brown, shade 003 i believe. The shades i do have in order are 
001 - Green - A deep forest green with green shimmer
002 - Turquoise - A bright metallic turquoise that i swear has a duochrome ability as its sometimes shines with a blue/purple reflection
004- Grey - Gunmetal with silver sparkle
005- Purple - dark metallic warm purple
006- Black Brass - a soft black base with lots of brass, gold and copper sparkle
007- Navy Blue - opaque dark navy blue
008 Carbon Black - Ultra opaque pure black.
 For this review i will also include my two other liquid liners - Urban Decay 24/7 in shade Retrogade and Illamasqua's Precision Ink in Scribe.
How do the GOSH liners compare to the Urban Decay and Illamasqua , as they are very alike in packaging and feel? Well the GOSH liners have a felt nib, where as the Urban Decay has a brush nib, where the hairs can splay and this is not a good thing when trying to get a fine line. Illamasqua's liner has a long fine nib which is the same as GOSH's nib.
All 2 types need to be given a good shake before opening to mix the pigment with the liquid its suspended in. They all have a little ball inside that helps mix them.
The colours of the GOSH liners tend to be more subdued, except for the Turquoise which is a perfect match to Urban Decay's turquoise shade - Siren. U.D.s Retrogade though, is a unique shade, a really sparkly royal purple which has no match in the GOSH range.
What the GOSH colours do have is intensity, each shade is either a perfect opaque cream shade or a dazzling metallic with sparkle. 
Comparing to the Illamsqua is tricky as i bought Illamasqua's Scribe because of it's uniqueness of a long lasting white liner. For opaqueness they are the same and they come off in the same way( they all roll up into little bits rather than thin out and smear with normal liquid liners) One thing though. Scribe dries down quite matt, where as GOSH's Carbon Black and Navy both dry to a sheen finish.

and now for some swatches so you can see the yummy colours
Turquoise is my favourite colour from the GOSH liners as well, its just gorgeous! But i love all the colours as some of the not so in your face colours give a slight change from the usual black, giving just a hint of colour instead. If Urban Decay's liner had a nib instead of brush, i'd think better of it, but that brush is awful. Illamasqua has a felt nib and works beautifully and is a very opaque white. The GOSH liners win because they are the cheapest of the 3 brands and behave in the same way as the more expensive brands!