Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The news today is good but Not as great as you'd think

SO in the news today is this announcement on various anti vivisection charities and groups sites - 
"Victory for Animals!

Michelle Thew, Chief Exexutive of BUAV and the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments ( ECEAE) today met with Ronio Borg, the European Commissioner in charge of cosmetics regulations, who personally confirmed today that the import and sale of animal tested cosmetics products and ingredients is set to be banned in the EU on 11th March 2013

We have been at the forefront of the European campaign to end animal testing for cosmetics for 23 years - and we are immensely proud of this achievement. It has been a long and difficult journey to get here but we have there at every step of the way.
 Thankyou to everyone who has supported out campaign to end cruel cosmetics in Europe over the years, we could not have done it without you!"

While yes this sounds wonderful and a great step in the right direction, there are loopholes to this law which many companies will use to get around the ban
These loopholes i found via this excellent site -
  • Companies can continue to sell products in the UK and across Europe that contain ingredients that have been tested on animals in the past (i.e prior to 11 March 2013).(so that means if the ingredient was tested and passed by the 10th of March 2013..then it's legal to consider cruelty free!)
  • Companies (even if they are based in the EU) will still be able to sell products with animal tested ingredients outside of the EU, assuming that the animal testing was done somewhere else in the world. This opens up the theoretical possibility of a company conducting animal tests for ingredients in some markets, but using non-animal methods and existing data for the EU Market.
  • Some brands could still test on animals if their products can be proven to fall under the remit of drugs rather than cosmetics, for example face creams that claim to target skin problems such as acne or eczema.
  • Any company that wishes to import its products into China, MUST agree to animal testing of those products by the Chinese government before they can be sold in the country. (Does not include Hong Kong, which has a seperate law that means items sold ONLY there and not mainland China aswell do not have to be tested on animals)

Basically..stick with the various safe lists, dont believe the hype and check check check, Until these loopholes are closed.

In other news, i will be updating this blog with more makeup LOTDs and reviews soon. Up until recently i havent felt my makeup was worth posting about, i was in a style rut so to speak. I just kept my cruelty free list upto date. But soon you will see new posts with my new hair! :D