Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Mon Ennui cosmetics - Mega epic swatch post of the eyeshadows i own by them

I recently stumbled across Mon Ennui via a makeup artist friend who had used one of the eyeshadows in a look she had posted. It was called Oilslick and it had the most wonderful colour, a colour i always go gooey for -teal blue with purple reflection. I wondered if there were more shades this company did so headed on over to http://www.monennui.com/ for a look. A one woman company she make some beautiful shades. I've purchased from her a few times now and have quite a collection of her deluxe samples which i have repotted from screw top jars to my personal preference of clamshell pots (these are thinner so i can store them easier for travel and i find if opened carefully i lose far less product than with screw tops which no matter how tight i screw them, some product will always end up in the srew part!)

click for all the swatchy goodness!

Anyway onto the swatches - Kiss and Tell, Illusionista, Smut and Stormageddon (dark lord of all)

Kiss and Tell - the base of this is a warm orange and it has rose pink shimmer. quite a soft and satiny finish
Illusionista - Peachy pink base with pink,blue and violet shimmer reflect, very shiny finish.
Smut - Taupe base with shimmery dusty pink.Shiny finish (discontinued shade i think)
Stormageddon - Burgundy red with cherry red shimmer, satiny finish (discontinued shade i think)

 Zou Bisou, Blindfold, Cake Fight, Iris, Stormy Eyes and The Prestige

Zou Bisou - cool toned candy pink base with violet and blue shimmery. Very shimmery
Blindfold - dark plummy base with purple shimmer. Satiny finish
Cake Fight - Neutral base with mainly purple and blue reflects. Very shimmery . I dont get the multi dimensional colours described even when applied wet, or with any sticky base)
Iris - Soft matt dusky lilac base with blue shimmer. Soft effect with slight satin shine. Needs a good primer to get this to work (discontinued shade)
Stormy Eyes-  shimmery grey base with purple and blue shimmer and reflect. (reflect can sometimes appear greenish grey) 
The Prestige - purple shimmery base with blue and aqua reflect. Has some aqua sparkle in it.

Djinn, Beta Test, Moonstone, Benthos and Monolith

Dhinn - really hard to capture this one- bronze/green/purple shimmery and reflect. Very shimmery
Beta Test - Cool toned purple base with high aqua reflect and some irridescent shimmer. Very shimmery.
Moonstone - shimmery white blue with blue/ almost lilac shimmer. Very shimmery.
Benthos - deep dark blue shimmer with blue and purple reflect (purple shows more under bulb lighting)
Monolith -  Slate Blue grey with blue reflect. Very subtle satin finish (discontinued shade)

Glass Half Full, Laguna, Oil Slick, Hyperbole Blue

Glass Half Full - Pale lilac base with aqua and blue shimmer. very shimmery. (discontinued shade)
Laguna - Aqua base with silvery aqua shimmer .Very shimmery
Oil Slick - Black base with intense reflective shimmer - teal/ green/blue/purple. (purple shows up more under bulb light) Very shimmery sheen
Hyperbole Blue - black base, very sparkly reflect of teal, green and blue with some purple. Not easy to work with as its gritty as you can see by the swatches, it goes everywhere..Needs a sticky base. Very shiny finish.

Hynostatic, Seafoam and Saltwater, Tesla Coil, Per Vert, Absinthesis

Hynostatic - Neutral base with heavy colour changer purple/blue/green/pink. Very shimmery.works best with sticky base
Seafoam and Saltwater - Neutral base with lilac shimmer and aqua and blue reflect. Very shimmery. Looks best with sticky base
Tesla Coil - White shimmer base with aqua green reflect. very shimmery
Per Vert - Olive brown base with bright green shimmer. Satiny finish, needs a decent base for it to stick well.
Absinthesis - dark green shimmer with multi green shimmery reflect. 

My favourite shades are Oil Slick, Beta Test, The Prestige
Here are some eye looks i did with various colours
Per Vert (lid), Tesla Coil (inner corner) and Monolith (crease)(with Barry M purple eyeliner pencil under the eye)

Beta Test showing the multi tones under bulb light

Oilslick (over lid), Glass Half Full (inner corner and blended towards lid.) Benthos  (in crease and under eye.)

The Prestige (lid)

 Oilslick, Zou Bisou (inner corner)Smut ( above crease) Benthos (in crease)

I also have a couple of the Glitters, though not tested them as my eyes dont seem to like glitter anywhere near them at the moment. I also have the Pigment Potion which i'm still trialling, but so far works as well as any primer.
Final words - Great company, the owner is very helpful, listens to customers and the site often has great offers.


Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Oooh The Prestige is such a neat colour!

Sakara said...

Yeah id recommend that, Beta Test and Seam Foam and Salter water as the most amazing colour changers. Oilslick is a stunning teal with some change but not as easy to see when wearing during daytime..the colour change comes out more under bulb lighting

Sorbet said...

Hi there! I was looking for info about Models Own nail vanish and that's how i found you.
Love your blog <3
Cheers from Poland :)

Sakara said...

Sorbet- Welcome! :D

Unknown said...


I am from Australia and my nationality is Chinese. I know you wanted some Aussie products that are not animal tested. I hope they aren't and help with your blog.

here are some products I use - Natio - www.natio.com.au
Kora organics -www.koraorganics.com
Jurlique - www.jurlique.com.au
Inika - inika.com.au

This is a new one I haven't tried this brand yet - Alexami - www.alexami.com

Thank you for your review on some Asian brands because I found it hard to know whether or not they test on Animals.

Thank you for your wonderful blog!

Sakara said...

Hi, thanks for the info. I cannot include Jurlique as they sell in China, but the other brands i will include once i have checked on them.Actually if you know of any brands i have listed on here that also sell in China please let me know so i can remove them. I hope that CHina will change its laws soon like so many other countries have but until then i cannot include brands and companies that sell direct in CHina