Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Easy way to find out what Western brands are sold in China and thus not cruelty free

The wonderful Ginger O Rama produces an excellent blog on all things ethical in the cosmetics industry. She recently posted about an idea that was given to her by another blogger http://blushingbiddies.com/ who suggested if you want to find brands that sell in Mainland China, look at chinese department and makeup stores websites and see what brands they stock! Chrome Translate is handy to find your way around the sites.

Sephora and Shanghai Pacific Department Store brands

By checking what brands they sell we can see what brands to avoid even if they claim to be cruelty free.

Remember of course Hong Kong is not included as they have a separate law in tune with the deal made with the UK to hand it back to China.

We can see in those links, and others,  many obvious 'avoid like the plague' brands but there are also brands which like to say they are cruelty free but very much are not  - Benefit. Stila, Anna Sui, Bliss, Amazing Cosmetics.

Other big companies such as Boots sell in Mainland China ( putting aside the fact Boots is a pharmaceutical company and thus does other kinds of animal testing) it's always said it's own brand cosmetics are cruelty free. But those brands are sold in Mainland China stores.

Another site to check is Skin Store China,  http://www.skinstorechina.com/Product/BrandList.aspx

So yeah, another avenue to try to get to the truth of it


Lutrinaƫ said...

Nooo, Billy jealousy is a good vegan brand :(

Sakara said...

I would contact them to ask as that website has been known to sell brands they are not supposed to. If sadly that brand has allowed it, then they want profit over welfare.

Elizabeth Braun said...

Problem with this kind of research method is that Chinese retailers are allowed to sell non-animal tested cosmetics on-line, but not in their physical stores. So, as with retailers in other countries, they may actually sell some products via their websites that they are prohibited by the odd laws over there from selling in person.

Really the only way to find out is to have someone there look and see what's actually on sale in physical shops. I've just left a question about certain products on a forum about living in China. =)

Sakara said...

Yes, the link is for stores IN mainland china, so a good way to find those that claim cruelty free but allow their products to be sold in Chinese stores. This link was given to me by a chinese welfare person..anything on these websites IS sold in their stores physically.